About us:

The Solakan complex has been producing different types of organic honey including wild flowers, Thyme, and Milkvetch honey in Iran since 2017 in the Kurdistan Province. In the way we use, unlike traditional methods of producing honey that is more heat-treated, its color is more appealing and preventing it from clamping, honey has not heated which results in the maintenance of antioxidants and beneficial bacteria in honey. This type of honey in comparison with the heat-treated honey, has a higher level of enzymes and flavoring compounds, and there is no risk of the transformation of compounds by heating. Also, all stages of honey production are carefully examined and tested in order to produce the honey with high quality in our complex. Fortunately, with the continuous efforts in producing the best organic honey, we have gained customer satisfaction, and we are proud to take a small step, in order to increase the health of the community. This collection is the first and only producer of organic honey in Iran.

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